Our Artists


Kyakonye Allan

Kyakonye Allan used his residency to begin research and compose sketches for his new concept, “The First Caesarean”. Leading him to question histories and cultures.


Ife Piankhi

Ife is a performance artist, poet and visual artist. During her residency she created “To Be or Not 2B?”, an installation which investigates mass healing, trauma and migration


Matt Kayem

Matt Kayem is a painter and sculptor who focused his residency on expanding his use of materials and expanding his understanding of what it means to be a 'self-loving African'.


Roshani M Siliban

Roshani developed her intricate pattern-based painting style, using a sharia dress as a new kind of canvas to bring to light her personal experiences growing up both Muslim and Catholic.


Lionel Garang

While on residency, Lionel Garang used nylon sack cloth and stencils to carefully blend an array of spray paints and give iconic imagery and common scenes new life.


Musinguzi Gilbert

Musinguzi used his residency to investigate the experiences of displaced peoples who have created a new home on contested land and the crumbling hills of Kasokoso.


Michael Kisambira

Michael Kisambira is a skilled wood and metal sculptor and jeweler. Using his media, he aims to celebrate Basoga culture and find ways to mine and preserve Basoga practice.


Mo Sirra

Mo Sirra focused his energy on observation and research, interrogating intention in public art interventions and learning about and from other artists in the city.

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