Our Artists


Darlyne Komukama

Darlyne Komukama is a Ugandan photographer who exerimented with reflective and damaged surfaces in a series of prints during her residency at 32° East.


Canon R. Griffin

Canon R. Griffin plays with color, shape and medium to create "Resolving Happiness". In 2018, Canon Griffin used sharp clean lines, iconographic stencils and surprises of glitter to question philosophical concepts with surprise and wonderment.


Khaish Studio

Khaish studio is based in Khartoum Sudan. Their members are Galal Yousif , Elhassan Elmuontasir and Hazim Alhussain. Elhassan and Hazim were in residence in November 2017.


Letaru Dralega

Letaru Dralega seeks to explore identity in her work by investigating family history, a connection to the ancestors, and trauma that stems from a colonial legacy on the continent. Dralega deconstructs her own identity as a product of colonization, born from a British-Jamaican mother and Ugandan father, to interrogate the relevance of past trauma in the potential for healing for the future.


Abias Muhumuza

Abias Muhumuza devoted his residency to developing a new artistic style. He experimented with new media such as newspaper clippings, leaves and cloth off cuts to explore texture and three-dimensionality on canvas. He shifted his style of painting from standard portraiture to developing a set of whimsical figurines who explore raw sexuality.


Pamela Enyonu

‘Ego Precis’, is a body of work in which Pamela Enyonu exorcises personal demons bread from societal judgements, body shaming and aggressions against her as a woman. Through rigorous experimentation with collage and photography, Enyonu’s final body of work comprises of over 20 pieces which complicate and aim to devastate such narratives and attacks through a combination of photography, painting and mixed media on canvas.

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