Our Artists


Elly Niwatuhereza

Elly explores rich themes through touching images of the western countryside. He has been weaving non-biodegradable waste for several years and completed his residency at 32 in 2016.


Martha Patricia Wenyisa

Martha is an expressionist painter who utilises symbols in my work to communicate clear and provocative ideas. The paintings reflect on themes of; Christianity, history, death, prostitution and traditional cultures in Uganda.


Matthias Mugisha

Born in 1969, Matthias Mugisha is a Ugandan photojournalist who got his first camera at the age of six. Over the years, he has moved through all of Uganda's National Parks, climbed all the major mountains in the country and walked through forests photographing the country's biodiversity.


Anne Musisi

Anne Musisi is a self taught artist who has always used art as a medium for communication. Self expression encourages personal growth and development and this can be achieved in multi-dimensional ways free from rules and conformity. She believes that something unique can always be created from what others do not value. Our life experiences encourage deep reflection particularly through those which are most difficult and painful.


Timothy Erau

Timothy Erau describes his process as “light painting”, using the dark of night as his canvas and different torch lights with photographic gels as his paints. The light and electricity almost refreshes or rejuvenates the featured objects, bringing them back to life.


Ssaava Dhamulira Mweera

Ssaava Dhamulira Mweera is a self-taught artist and artisan. His work is inspired by local traditions, mythologies and the preservation of culture. His practice has gradually evolved from craft making into immersive installations whilst maintaining the use of natural materials; bark cloth, kyangwe, seeds, shells, eucalyptus trees, saw dust alongside new elements such as light and space.


Eyob Kitaba

Eyob Kitaba is a multi-media artist from Addis Ababa. His work reflects on the urbanisation and development projects in his city. He likes to incorporate yellow and green into his work, colours used by the Ethiopian government to cordon off construction projects, because they symbolise the importance given to development in Ethiopia.


Said Adrus

Said Adrus was born in 1958, in Kampala, Uganda, in what was known as ‘British East Africa’. This seemingly straightforward biographical detail contains many pointers to the artist’s practice.


Mirembe Musisi

Mirembe Musisi is a permaculturalist and visual artist living and working in Kampala. Her work interrogates the interconnectivity between people and earth; designing installations, interactions and experiences to document patterns of the natural process.

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