Project Description

16th Sept 2021 – Rammed earth wall construction

For our construction update this week, we’re back at the sample wall – this time to learn how a rammed earth wall is constructed.


Step 1 – formwork. The formwork is built using timber, some of which is recycled from the old house on site. It is used as support when adding rammed earth to the wall, this process is set to begin next week.🥳 💃🏿 🔥

To build a rammed earth wall, a mixture of 5 parts earth soil, 6 parts sand, 4 parts stones, 2 parts concrete and 1 part lime is rammed with a tapper machine (a machine that rapidly compacts the earth) on the wall. The formwork supports the construction team as they use the tapper machine and it also creates a surface for the layers of rammed earth on the wall.