KLA ART Labs  is an immersive experiential program designed to provide creative professionals with the tools and opportunities for in-depth research and critical thinking through public practice. KLA ART Labs is anchored by co-investigators who provide a window into their practice and process through experience-based collaborative learning.

The program is an initiative of 32° East, with support from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Newcastle University and Arts Collaboratory



Through our annual residency programme, we offer both graduate and professional Ugandan artists the space, time and resources to explore their practice as well as the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with regional and international artists.

Each year, approximately 10 artists are selected to be in residence at 32° East with the objective of providing meaningful interactions with an artistic community through collaboration, discussion and innovative programming.

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Become a member of 32° East today and enjoy the following benefits; access to our library, resource centre and outdoor workspace (including WIFI and computers); book one on one drop in sessions for help with your applications, portfolios, cvs and artist’s statements; showcase your work in our annual members exhibition; take part in workshops and discussions; apply for our artists in residence programme

Membership is 50,000 UGX per year for professionals and 30,000 UGX for students

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Showcasing and exhibiting work is an important part of the creative process. We encourage artists in residence and members to take advantage of our gallery and outdoor spaces to explore and experiment with audiences.

Our artists in residence have hosted open studios since we began operations in 2013. In 2016, we launched a viewing space that houses an exciting programme throughout the year.


Drop in Sessions and Workshops

We believe that professional development is crucial to sustaining a career in the arts, so we invite both local and international experts to facilitate both thematic and practical workshops with our members.

Alongside workshops, we also offer our members weekly one-on-one drop in sessions for portfolio and application reviews as well as technical training in graphics, photo and video editing.



Artachat is a public discussion series with the intention of creating discussion and dialogue between artists and audiences. The aim is to foster an environment for the exchange of ideas and debate, and act as a starting platform for further research.

Artachat’s set up is informal but informative. Each discussion session is driven by engaging speakers, curated topics and an active curious audience.