Project Description

Rampant Contemporary Kampala (2015) is Derrick’s latest body of work. It is a conceptual exploration of “birth” and “transformation” in a city that is rampantly reforming. The works look at the trend of constructing buildings for capitalistic enterprises such as trade centers, arcades, malls, hotels and restaurants in the name of “development”.His art is “birthed” and “transformed” from a series of tests and experiments with silicone, rubber and found metal objects that he redesigns into installations, sculptures and 2D mixed media pieces. The materials are rearranged playfully to reflect, explore and question these new contemporary “developments” in the city of Kampala.

As a conceptual visual artist he views Kampala through his own lens, in his eyes these architectural developments are visually chaotic yet at the same time they create a fascinating rhythm of harmonious constructing and demolition.
He usually doesn’t plan things in advance but allow spontaneous ideas to dictate his work process. He has adopted this methodology because his personality thrives on freedom. Each artwork naturally inspires the next work, as my concepts transcend from piece to piece.

At One

State Bank III

State Bank II

Rampant Contemporary Kampala

Constructions II


Deep Guest House

Woman Carrying Paint

House To Let

House To Let