Project Description

Ericka’s work takes the form of performative exhibitions, public programs, and publications. As part of her curatorial work she has written and performed what she calls “danceable lectures” in which she uses her experience of listening and dancing to salsa music to explore how the experience of rhythm helps to understand -in a bodily way- the notion of antagonism and how this enriches our notion of otherness. Her texts are published in different catalogues in Colombia and abroad, and also in mediums such as Revista Errata, Arcadia, Terremoto: arte contemporáneo en las Américas, and the USB Map Initiative of the Guggenheim Museum. Her interest in art and education led her to start with colleagues(Mónica Restrepo, Herlyng Ferla and Hernán Barón) La Nocturna, a platform to experiment on discursive and pedagogical formats. As part of her exploration on how we learn through our bodies and what a new education of the senses could be, she created (together with artist Herlyng Ferla) an experimental afterschool for kids and family where she designs a curriculum of art and transdisciplinarity.