Project Description

Immy Mali, born in 1990, is a multi-media artist from Arua, living and working in Kampala Uganda. She explores personal memories of childhood growing up in Uganda by creating precarious installations using broken glass, razors, used hair braids in an attempt to digest the pain of childhood incidents. Her work, Daddy Can I Play?! represents the conflict between the child seduction of play and adult obligation of safeguarding children. Her work also offers perspectives on human resilience and what can be overcome by representing pain as an emotion that can be touched.

2015 Participated in the 5th ÀSÌKÒ CCA Lagos International Art Programme, Maputo Mozambique.
2015 KHOJ International artist’s workshop in Pune Maharashtra India.
2015 Participating artist in the AtWork Kampala workshop with Lettera27.
2014 Workshops in Danish schools under the ‘Images Youth Programme’. The Centre For Culture And Development (CKU), Denmark.
2014 Participated in the Kampala Contemporary Arts Festival 2014.
2014 Laba Street art festival.
2014 Bayimba art festival.
2014 Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and fine arts from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University.
2013 Artists residency at 32° East Ugandan Arts Trust.
2012 Participated in the production of a sculpture commissioned by the Ugandan Government to mark 50 years of Independence, The Journey.


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