Project Description

Othello De’Souza-Hartley is a photographer and visual artist whose residency from August to September 2017 was possible thanks to Gasworks, a Triangle Networks partner.

Through research, he developed the ‘Within’ project by engaging with artists based in Kampala or born in Uganda, going to talks, looking at local materials and traditions. From these experiences the belief that it was time for Africans to start telling their own stories soon became apparent.

He met people who were aware of the fact that prominent traditional materials and points of pride are being eroded for more modern materials and consumption. They were taking traditional materials and bringing back awareness to them, by finding new contemporary uses for them. This was the base of his project, how to use traditional materials in a modernised way.

The project accumulated in setting up an installation/photo booth made from local materials, which was built organically through research and an open door policy where passers-by could come in and engage in dialogue, spend time in the space and be photographed once installation was built.

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