Project Description

Pamela Enyonu completed a 4-month residency at 32 in 2017. Focusing on different ways to view the female body, ‘Ego Precis’, as a body of work is an exorcism of Anyone’s personal demon bread from societal judgements, body shaming and aggressions against her as a woman.

Through rigorous experimentation with collage and photography, and intense introspection, Enyonu’s final body of work comprises of over 20 pieces which complicate and aim to devastate such narrartives and attacks through a combination of photography, painting and mixed media on canvas. The resulting images raise questions around the nature of self-empowerment as well as fragility and vulnerability.

The transformations made during this residency happen after a 4-year hiatus from artists practice. At the end of this residency, two of Enyonu’s works were selected as Uganda’s official submissions to L’atelier.

Asinasi I

Gaudesia I

Apolot V

Apolot III

Agali I

Apolot VI


Apolot II

Imasugut I

Imasugut II

Gaudesia III


Gaudesia II

Apolot IV