Project Description

Mother.Board (2015) is Tiga’s latest body of work. It is comprised of a series of five relief sculptures that draw comparisons between computer system motherboards and the mothers of children. These sculptures aim to present mothers as hubs, the centre of the family home. When the mother is not at home the family system crashes.These sculptures are created through a series of processes; sketching, clay design, plaster moulding, fiberglass casting, grinding and finishing. Before the pieces are finished the internal electronic systems are bonded into the background with resin.

Walk To The Mirror portrays a mother throwing away her towel as she walks away towards a mirror. The Heart Of The Family illustrates the mother as the centre of the family positioned amongst her children. Celebration is an abstract depiction of a drummer and dancers on Mother’s Day.

Curriculum vitae:

Name: Tigatege Moses
Date of Birth: 12.01.1993
Nationality: Ugandan
Contact: +256-700337959/ +256-779788976 Email:


2010-2013 certificate in Industrial Art and Design, YMCA Comprehensive Institute. Exhibitions

2015 Laba Street Art Festival, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala 2015 Frame the Festival, BayimbaInternational Festival 2015 Open Studio, 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust


2015 32° East | Uganda Art Trust


Fred Batale
Resource Centre Manager 32° East | Ugandan Arts Trust +256 793 325 372

Ivan Bwambale Lecturer
YMCA Kampala
+256 701 056 862

The Only Two People

The Struggle

The Light



The Family