Project Description

Nostalgia brought about by the loss of his mother inspired Timothy Erau to create a body of work themed “Along In Years”. Timothy’s evocative photographs focus on old and seemingly insignificant objects that hold great sentimental value to their owners. It sometimes took weeks of visiting until Timothy was permitted to photograph them.

Timothy Erau describes his process as “light painting”, using the dark of night as his canvas and different torch lights with photographic gels as his paints. The light and electricity rejuvenates the featured objects, bringing them back to life. It is this element of his photography that Erau believes sets his work apart, in a world where anyone with a camera phone can be considered a photographer.

After completing his degree, Timothy worked as a photographer’s assistant and as a wedding photographer to earn the money needed to buy equipment for his more abstract photography. However he felt that these jobs limited his ability to develop creatively and as a result, he applied for a residency at 32° East where he created this body of work.

Along In Years I

Along In Years II

Along In Years III

Along In Years IV

Along In Years V

Along In Years VI