KLA ART Labs Starter Kit

The KLA ART Labs Starter Kit is a writing toolkit workshop developed as part of the larger Art, Writing, Work project in collaboration with Newcastle University, Art Monthly, Nairobi Contemporary and British Institute in Eastern Africa. Interested parties are invited to join the Lab Starter Kits in April to be introduced to the KLA ART Labs program and develop a writing toolkit to serve as a resource for the duration of the Labs and beyond.

The KLA ART Labs program is an immersive experiential curriculum designed to provide creative professionals with the tools and opportunities for in-depth research and critical thinking through public practice. The program is an initiative of 32° East, with support from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Newcastle University and Arts Collaboratory.

The KLA ART Labs Starter Kit workshop fee is 50,000/-. 

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Job Opportunity

KLA ART Labs co-ordinator

The KLA ART Labs co-ordinator will work closely with the 32° East team to deliver the KLA ART Labs programme. S/he is responsible for the smooth running of the programme as the lead contact for all participants. S/he will also be the liaison between all international network participants and the 32º East team, and handle all project logistics.

As the Labs will culminate in the next edition of the public arts festival KLA ART, the co-ordinator will also have the opportunity to work with the festival management team to assist with the intertwining of the Labs’ experience. The co-ordinator will often manage public facing events and should be able to represent 32° East, and promote the organisation’s visibility.

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