‘You Are Lost, You Are Here X’, by Gloria Kiconco

With whom do you feel found?

When do you feel lost?

Where do you feel lost?

Can you be lost in your body?

Where in the body do you experience different emotions?

Where do your external body and your emotional body meet?

You Are Lost, You Are Here X (Estás Aquí, Estás Perdidx) is a collaboration between Gloria Kiconco and members and friends of Crater Invertido, our Arts Collaboratory network partner. It is a collection of poems about what it means to be lost and what it means to be found, how to situate yourself even in the most uncertain circumstances. The zine format allows multiple entries for readers through two languages, Spanish and English, and through its non-linear construction. Its internal pages are yet eanother visual entry point, a collage and collective drawing of the collaborative exploration of being lost. You Are Lost, You Are Here X is best experienced through an intimate reading, that the listener might find solace and grounding in being read to, with these words as an offering of recognition.

To complement the digital zine below, Gloria has also shared a video piece of her readings, plus a soundscape from Radio Tropiezo.

‘You are lost, you are here X’ zine by Gloria Kiconco